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Books and Music from Cleveland Pagan Pride Featured Guests

books and music from cleveland pagan pride

We're still riding high on the enchantment of Cleveland Pagan Pride 2023, and we've got something special in store for you. Our event featured some incredible presenters whose wisdom and talents added an extra dose of magic to the festivities. And guess what? You can continue the journey by delving into their captivating books and mesmerizing music. Here's a sneak peek into the gems they shared and where you can find them:

Featured Books from Cleveland Pagan Pride Authors and Their Published Works

featured author books and music from cleveland pagan pride

📚 Laura Tempest Zakroff - If you're ready to explore the world of witchcraft and art, Laura's books are your gateway. From "Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols" to "Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft" and so, so many more amazing publications, her words are a tapestry of wisdom and creativity. Dive in and uncover the secrets of the craft!

featured author books and music from cleveland pagan pride

📚 Cheryl Costa - For those intrigued by the realms beyond, Cheryl's works like "Magical Musing of the Rogue Witch" "The UFO Beat" offer a captivating journey into the unexplained. Prepare to open your mind and explore the mysteries of the universe.

featured author books and music from cleveland pagan pride

📚 Ginger Ackley - Calling all imaginative souls! Ginger Ackley's creations are here to whisk you away on fantastical journeys. Her children's book, "Rowan, my boat," is a delightful tale that pairs with enchanting music to ignite young minds' creativity. \"We Folk Stomp" is an interactive coloring activity book that beckons creative spirits of all ages.


Featured Musicians from Cleveland Pagan Pride and Their Published Work

featured band books and music from cleveland pagan pride

🎶 Primal Rhythm - Immerse yourself in the primal beats and ethereal sounds of Primal Rhythm. Their music transcends boundaries, taking you on a journey of rhythm, spirit, and soul. Let the melodies uplift and resonate with your core.

featured entertainer books and music from cleveland pagan pride

🎶 Nathaniel Johnstone - Brace yourself for a musical experience like no other with Nathaniel Johnstone. His compositions weave tales and emotions through sound, capturing hearts and souls with every note.

featured entertainer books and music from cleveland pagan pride

🎶 Brian Henke - Let the soothing melodies of Brian Henke's music wash over you like a gentle breeze. With his unique blend of acoustic and electric guitar, he creates an enchanting atmosphere of tranquility.

Mystical Melodies and Literary Magic Await

We thought it would be special to share the links to books and music from Cleveland Pagan Pride authors and musicians so you can purchase and support the magic and melodies of Cleveland Pagan Pride.

We hope we were able to feature all workshop and entertainers who are published on are selling online! If we missed your online publication, feel free to share a link in the comments.

Stay tuned for more magical moments and memories from this year's Cleveland Pagan Pride.


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