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In the News: Predatory Christians Giving Free Hugs at Cleveland Pagan Pride

in the news cleveland pagan pride
christians invaded cleveland pagan pride 2023

It is a matter widely acknowledged that our tranquil gathering, Cleveland Pagan Pride 2023, was unexpectedly disrupted by a contingent of individuals identifying as Christians, whose intentions were far from benevolent. These individuals cunningly manipulated our community into embracing an unsettling concept termed "Supernatural Hugs," which, in hindsight, proved to be a ruse. Subsequently, these predatory Christians went online to flaunt their actions and share their deceptive narrative with an online audience.

However, in the wake of this disheartening incident, our local Pagan community rallied together with unwavering solidarity. Moreover, the resounding support and recognition extended to us from our national network of fellow Pagan partners has been nothing short of remarkable. Together, we have emerged stronger, united in our commitment to preserve the sanctity of our gatherings and protect the values we hold dear.

A few articles have been shared from community members allowing Crossroads Universal (the organization who makes Cleveland Pagan Pride) to share our perspective. We're very proud to have had our very own, Ginger “Stormwalker” Marshall, on the scene to share the true story.

Check out her featured articles in the news about Cleveland Pagan Pride below...


cleveland pagan pride 2023


Ginger is a featured guest to comment on the Predatory Christians Give Fake ‘Free Hugs’ at Bedford’s Pagan Pride.


in the news cleveland pagan pride

THE WILD HUNT 09.04.2023

The Wild Hunt shared information about the incident including more up-to-date information with comments from our community in this newsletter below.


The outpouring of support from our community warms our hearts deeply. Messages, notes, and comments from both local and national community members have flooded in, reaffirming our mission at Crossroads Universal: to raise awareness and foster an inclusive, open environment.

From this experience, one vital lesson stands out: our community is not only alive but also resilient, content, and firmly united. Our safe haven remains impervious to the influence of frauds, hypocrites, liars, and detractors, regardless of any purported "supernatural force" that may come our way. We stand firm in our beliefs as a community, including, our belief to let people follow their own spiritual path.

With the unwavering support from our fellow Pagans and activists, we will continually update this blog post as a testament to our deep gratitude for the incredible support we have received.

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