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What Cleveland Pagan Pride means to our community

what cleveland pagan pride means

Cleveland Pagan Pride holds a special place in our hearts as we've hosted this weekend long event for 14 years. What is truly special to us is how we're able to hold space with thousands of individuals who are spiritually connected. We may believe in an array of things, but during this event, we're able to come together and to engage in interesting and open conversations to educate each other on things we have experienced on our own journeys of enlightenment.

We're incredibly thankful for our Cleveland Pagan Pride sponsors, booth vendors, food vendors, and entertainers! Our appreciation extends to our event volunteers and security staff who make the entire event possible. The combined generosity, hard work, and dedication from our community mean the world.

cleveland pagan pride team

Above all, our hearts are filled with LOVE for the community who shared space with us during our 2023 event. We saw many familiar faces who continue to come year after year. And, we met many new friends who recently found our community and can't wait to keep coming back!

We asked some community members to share what Cleveland Pagan Pride means to them. We thought it would be special to share what they said....

What does Cleveland Pagan Pride mean to you?

Pagan Pride means finding an inclusive community to celebrate our faith and each other. ❤️ -anonymous
Gathering spiritually, having a sense of community, enjoying the peaceful energy. :) - Jay
Thank you for making me feel included and not an outcast in this world. ❤️ - JG
Apart of connection and like minded -anonymous
Shows you how to get rid of enemies LOL -anonymous
Thankful to have it! Enjoyable to walk around. All the vendors are amazing!
This represents getting back to earth.... Back to the way things are supposed to be. - Jillian
A weekend to enjoy being yourself in total acceptance. - A
Pagan Pride means community and coming together as one. Also, food! ✌️
Very thankful for yearly gathering, vendors and always perfect weather :)
Pagan Pride is an amazing event with positive vibes and great people. I will always feel restored after coming. - Tori
Being around so many other Pagans is so special! - Charlotte

If you have been to Pagan Pride, you know exactly how special the space is that we share for an entire weekend with our loved ones. It is almost hard to put into words! Thank you to the 2023 event attendees for joining us, and if you stopped by our blog booth, thank you for sharing your experience with Cleveland Pagan Pride. You all are so special to us ❤️If you weren't able to share what CPP means to you, you can share your message in the comments below! We read and cherish every comment and like.

Once our annual event commences, we start planning for the next. We're sad to announce that we will NOT be hosting the Cleveland Witches Ball this year, but we look forward to bringing it back in 2024.

Do not worry -- you'll still be hearing from us in the meantime! We have more inspiration from this year's Cleveland Pagan Pride that we'd like to share with you, including features about our special guests, pictures when we get them from our photographer, and so much more. Plus, as we're planning opportunities for vendors, entertainment and volunteering will arise.

Be sure to join our email list at the bottom of our website to stay connected and in the know!

Until next time!

Crossroads Universal

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